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SUMMER SPANISH IN ECUADOR is a program that facilitates university students to take Spanish classes in Quito. They receive academic credits according to the number of classes they receive, normally between 5 and 7 credits are awarded.
Students not only benefit from Spanish classes, they also know the culture and visit many places in Ecuador, making this trip not only a learning of the language but also a unique and unforgettable experience that helps the personal growth of the students.

From Fall Quarter 2010, the Division of Spanish and Portuguese Studies offers a total immersion cultural program in Ecuador. The purpose of this program is to provide students of Spanish with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of the language and the culture in South America.
Dates of the program will coincide with Early fall Quarter at the UW : August 23 – September 18
Please note that the students are expected to arrive in Quito no later that August 22nd.
Students will receive 34 hours of Spanish conversational classes (two hours per day).
Weeks I and II – Monday-Friday
Week III – Monday-Wednesday
Week IV – Monday-Thursday
This provides the opportunity to practice the grammar and lexicon learned in their UW courses. These sessions will also include grammar review.
Students will also participate in one hour workshops of their choice in dance or pottery and attend a weekly lecture on Ecuador: The Meeting of Cultures.
Students will earn 5 UW credits in SPAN 199 or 299.
Criteria for evaluation
    •    Participation and HW 30%
    •    Oral exam 20%
    •    Essay 50%
The essay will be based on a topic chosen by the student and previously approved by the Resident Director. The deadline for the essay submission will be ten (10) days after the conclusion of the program.
Excursion & Other Activities
Students will participate in a weekly guided visit to sites of cultural and historical interest in Quito. They will also go on two 1-day excursions to Otavalo and Mitad del Mundo, and one 4-day trip to Baños, Riobamba, the Devil´s nose and Ingapirca – the most important archeological site in Ecuador.
Housing information
Housing and board (three meals a day) for students will be arranged with families in Quito. Houses are typically located in areas for easy access to school and city amenities.
Eligibility Requirements
Program objective is primarily to offer an opportunity to summer students of Spanish to practice their language skills in a total linguistic and cultural immersion environment. However, all UW students are eligible and welcome to apply. Minimum requirements is completion SPAN 102 or equivalent by the beginning of program. Non-UW students can also participate in this program by submitting Non-matriculated Student Application and by paying a $250 fee.
Application procedure
You can download the application form, or pick one up in the Main Office of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, C-104 Padelford Hall, University of Washington.
Applications will be considered on a first come on a space available basis so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Program fees
The total cost of the program (including instructional costs, room and three meals a day, guided visits in Quito, excursions, class materials and internet access) will be $1,800. This amount includes everything EXCEPT airfare, personal spending money, International Student ID card, and the $250 IP&E fee.
Financial Aid
Most forms of financial aid can be utilized during participation in the program. Participants who are on financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to verify that their awards may apply. For more information go to http://ipe.washington.edu.