Spanish Program was created for those who want to explore beautiful and historic city of Quito while learning Spanish.
It is one of our most popular Spanish courses among students, especially those who are only staying in the city for a short time and are interested in the cultural and touristic sites of the city of Quito.
The Comprehensive Program is intensive, practical, useful and economical.
As we said, the students study Spanish intensively for 4 hours a day in school, It is practical because during the visits and city tours with his professor has the opportunity to practice the skills acquired in their interaction with people, It is useful because in a short time the student is able to have a very specific vision of our culture and attractions of the city that would cost time and money if want to discover alone; moreover, it is economical because the value for each hour of class is only $ 6,50
This Spanish program prepares students to continue traveling within the city or throughout Ecuador, or even to travel to other Spanish speaking countries.
In two weeks the student will receive 70 hours of Spanish learning, 4 hours of individual Spanish Classes in the morning and 3 hours visiting touristic sites with a professor and other students in the afternoons.spanish, Spanish, spanish class, class spanish, spanish school
On the first day, you will take a placement test to determine your Spanish level. Then you will work with your professor to create study plan and define your learning objectives. The afternoon excursions are arranged by the school and ensure that you will see the best of what Quito has to offer.
For more information about the cost of this program, see our Prices page. This price does not include transportation costs and entrance fees to cultural and touristic sites for the student or the accompanying professor. These costs should be covered by the student(s) as needed.
For accommodation costs, please see Host families or Residences and Hotels. Expenses related to outside visits are paid by the students. Some approximate costs are:
•    Quito public transportation – $0.25
•    Museums and galleries – $5.00
•    Cable car – $10.00
•    Middle of the World – $10.00
•    Panecillo Hill – $10.00
spanish, Spanish, spanish class, class spanish, spanish school