Spanish School for seniors offers a Spanish Program which has been created specifically for our Seniors Citizens students.
This program is designed for our students to learn and practice the Spanish language in a relaxed and easy way, with our highly experienced teachers.
Students receive individual lessons in school and out of school visiting cultural and tourist attractions within and outside the city. In this way the teacher adapts to the needs of the student enabling the studen to learn quickly.
Learning is based on a combination of academic classes and educational excursions where students have the opportunity to practice what they learn in class, and at the same time the student gets to know the culture. To meet our goals we have selected excursions to places of tourist and cultural interest, so that students will have a pleasant and useful time with their teacher during their time at our Spanish School.
Magazines and international organizations indicate that Ecuador ranks first among the top destinations for retirees and ranks first among the best destinations in the world for its great weather.

The project editor of International Living, Dan Prescher says Ecuador qualifies as having an ideal climate: “The combination of altitude and the intensity of the sun is in my opinion the ideal climate”. Prescher says that you can enjoy this ideal climate in the mountains, towns and cities like Cuenca, Otavalo, Quito and Vilcabamba.
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The Senior program is very flexible, our students receive 70 hours of classes for two weeks: four hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon, Monday to Friday; however, the student may start the course on any day of the week.
The 70 hours of classes are divided as follows: three hours of individual classes of academic Spanish in school and four hours of practice during trips and excursions with your teacher; however, the system is flexible so that if a student wishes to take a greater number of individual lessons in school can do.

Another of our offerings for seniors are our volunteer programs through our Ecuador Volunteer Foundation, where seniors will share their knowledge and skills in rural and urban communities; it is worth noting that the volunteer work is done with the poorest sectors of the population. If you want to take advantage of the best years of your life by sharing your experiences and serving those in need, we invite you to join our extended family of volunteers.
In Quito you can live with one of our host families. The families are carefully selected so that our students feel comfortable in a clean and safe environment.
Living with an Ecuadorian family helps you learn more about our culture and practice the Spanish language.The price per night stay is $ 20, and includes a private room, wireless service, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The family can also offer laundry service for a small extra cost.