In this program you, as a Spanish student, will not only be focused on developing your own knowledge of the language and the country, but will contribute and volunteer to help the communities in Ecuador. Through the Service Learning program, there is a shared benefit for both parties; the student and the community.
Together with a teacher you will learn what you need to know to get started in society. When using your knowledge of the language in daily life, the benefits and improvements will be noticeable immediately. As the you apply your academic knowledge to benefit the community,  the teacher provides all the tools and application of knowledge to help you serve as an effective agent of change.
This community service program aims to serve the most vulnerable sectors of Ecuadorian society in a selfless manner without seeking external recognition. We respect the privacy of the individuals who benefit from our work, therefore we do not publish the details of volunteer projects on our website. Our projects help where there are gaps and needs that require the generous support of hands and hearts willing to give time and effort.
The implementation of a Service Learning degree program must have the following components:
Student Participation
Each University, faculty or department, in accordance with the community must determine the number of hours of participation in the program, with the student’s learning and desired outcomes of the community as the primary objective.
Academic Program
Service Learning must be clearly defined in the curriculum as part of the methodology and is not an addition to the course.
Community Service
Both the university and the student place, at the service of the community, their academic skills in order to solve a problem.
Ongoing assessment
On a periodic basis, predetermined in the program, the student must write their reflections on their experiences, the application of their knowledge, the contribution to the community and the effect of the the program in their personal and professional growth.
There is a clearly defined regular process of monitoring by the teacher, to assess the results of the program in order to guide the process and make the appropriate adjustments if necessary.