With Equinox benefits from learning pace that suits your level of Spanish and your schedule. Our teachers will develop a program that fits your needs, strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with assessing your level and create a curriculum for its fast, easy and successful learning.
Individual Spanish classes in Quito are ideal for professionals who are interested in covering specific topics and learn specific vocabulary, as well as people who travel to Ecuador for a short period of time.
Your teacher will always be sure to give significant attention to comprehension and communication, without leaving behind grammar and vocabulary. The program is divided into three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Each level is designed to last two weeks, or 40 hours (4 hours a day, Monday to Friday)
The One to one Spanish classes at Equinox Spanish School may be arranged any time from Monday to Friday during our office hours. You might take this opportunity to schedule your time and explore beautiful city of Quito
We will provide you with all necessary learning materials, including readings, workbooks and any photocopies needed for lessons.
As this personalized Spanish One to One Program does not have fixed starting dates, students can apply at any time and for any length of time. If you prefer, you can begin the Spanish program in Quito immediately upon your arrival.
We can guarantee a quick learning whether this program is taken; however, it is very important the interest and dedication of the students inside and outside the school.
Professionals have the opportunity to learn and practice vocabulary related to their profession; In many cases we can organize classes with experts in specific professional subjects according to student interest.