Our Spanish Full Immersion Volunteer Program in Quito is the quickest and most effective way to learn Spanish. During this program, you will be working with one of the communities in Quito and will also have an opportunity to travel to different parts of the country to immerse in the culture.

You will be able to take advantage of your free time and visit some of the most beautiful places in Ecuador. The Spanish Full Immersion Volunteer Program is a combination of 4 hours of lessons per day at Equinox Spanish School and 4 hours per day of community work from Monday to Friday.

As a working student of Equinox Spanish school, you will have a very affordable registration fee of usd$ 100,00, you will be staying in a friendly, clean and comfortable accommodation whether with carefully selected Ecuadorian family or in the School´s residence. It will be the perfect environment to put your Spanish into practice when spending time with other students or family members.

This community service program aims to serve the most vulnerable sectors of Ecuadorian society in a selfless manner without seeking external recognition. We respect the privacy of the individuals who benefit from our work, therefore we do not publish the details of volunteer projects on our website. Our projects help where there are gaps and needs that require the generous support of hands and hearts willing to give time and effort.

In addition, students have the chance to participate as assistant teachers of English or of the subject of their specialty. If teaching a subject other than English, it is important that the students have a good level of written and verbal Spanish so that they are capable of transmitting information and knowledge fluently and efficiently.
Volunteering projects are run for the course of minimum one month.

For volunteers wishing to serve as an assistant teacher, we ask they participate in our program for a least three months. This way we can ensure the continuity of teachers and teaching methods provided to the pupils. It is recommended, although not required, that volunteers interested in being assistant teachers in English and other subjects take a TESOL course to prepare them and give them the necessary tools to fulfill their teaching responsibilities.

Full Immersion Volunteer Spanish Program attracts many college students of Spanish as well as those studying to become teachers. There is a possibility that your Spanish program in Ecuador could be transferable as Service Learning credits at your home university. In order to receive such credits, please contact us prior your trip so we can sign an agreement with your University and complete all the formalities.

This Spanish course is very popular among students, so be sure to register early as the spaces are limited.
For more information about the costs, please go to the Cost section. To find out more about available projects and discuss your options, please give us a call or email us. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Students who take less than 4 weeks of Spanish lessons at Equinox Spanish School and have sufficient knowledge of Spanish are still able to participate in our volunteer programs through Ecuador Volunteer Foundation.