Our Full Immersion Spanish Program is very popular because it is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish

Students have the opportunity to receive individual lessons and practice what they learn in the Full immersion Spanish Program through cultural tourism activities in the company of their teacher or working as a volunteer in one of the centers sponsored by our foundation..

The program is developed as follows:

  1. In the Full immersion Spanish Program, the student takes 4 hours of individual Spanish classes every day from Monday to Friday and during 3 hours he visits the city with his teacher, the visits are to the tourist sites majar, for cultural and historical interest; generally the classes are in the morning and the activities in the afternoon.
    The program is very effective because the student learns academic Spanish in school and practices in real life, which allows him to quickly improve his vocabulary, comprehension and communication.
  2. This second option of our Full immersion Spanish Program allows the student to combine Spanish classes with volunteer work, the student works for three hours in the morning with children form a low economic level, in kindergartens sponsored by our ECUADOR VOLUNTEER foundation. In the afternoon the student learns Spanish in our school, in individual classes.

The program is very effective because the student learns academic Spanish at school and practices in real life, imporving quickly their vocabulary, comprehension and communication.

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