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Our Spanish School gives you the opportunity to LEARN SPANISH in a fun way and enjoy your time in Quito and at School.

LEARN SPANISH and fall in love with the Spanish language, romantic language for exelencia, language of Cervantes, Unamino and Pio Baroja to mention three big ones.

Welcome, you can learn to speak and fall in love with the Spanish language, romantic language for exelencia, language of Cervantes, Unamino and Pio Baroja to cite three great.
Our Spanish School in Quito Ecuador gives you the opportunity to take a fun course, where learning the language is an enjoyment and not a storm or a cascade of verbs and vocabulary.

You will Learn Spanish, you will Learn to Speak, to Write and to Communicate; You will also Learn our Culture.

Applications of daily life are the perfect setting for learning the language in a didactic and enjoyable way. It is not uncommon for our students to exclude the number of class hours to more than 4 per day.
Since its foundation we have been recognized by our high professional level, by the quality of our teachers, by their experience, many teachers have worked in our School for more than 15 years.
We strive to teach with effective educational material and modern and advanced methodology, this ensures our students learn Spanish quickly and easily.
Learn Spanish at Equinox Spanish School will make you a curious and curious child and that will reinforce your vocabulary, your experiences, your experience and knowledge of the language.
The infrastructure of the Spanish School is the best, clear classrooms with sun, beautiful gardens and the best a family atmosphere where the student feels comfortable and relaxed.
The facilities of our Spanish school and the didactic material that we give to the students are tested by the international universities with which we work.
Our Spanish School has different programs that are easily adapted to the particular needs of each of our students.

We can guarantee that learning Spanish and Equinox Spanish School is a great experience, our students always return and / or recommend us.
If you want to learn Spanish well, quickly and economically you enroll in Equinox Spanish School, we are waiting for you.

We can guarantee that you will learn Spanish well as the urban Spanish as the academic and that surely will be a great experience

WELCOME, Equinox Spanish School was founded in November 1986 and is the oldest Spanish school in Ecuador, and one of the first in South America.




I am also a Client of EQUINOX SPANISH SCHOOL

From our beginnings, we are always characterized by working with organizations and also with individuals.
Among our main and important clients are Embajas, Universities Travel Agencies, Foundations and Private companies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to teach and serve the international community by teaching Spanish in a professional manner and to make each student feel personalized, identify with teachers and the School, enjoy and learn Spanish well and fast.


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