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WELCOME, Equinox Spanish School was founded in November 1986 and is the oldest Spanish school in Ecuador, and one of the first in South America.

Since its foundation we have been recognized by our high professional level, by the quality of our teachers, by their great experience, many of whom have worked in our School for more than 15 years. We strive to teach with effective educational material and modern methodology thanks to the courses and permanent preparation of the professors, which guarantees our students will learn Spanish quickly and easily.
In Quito there are many Spanish schools and teachers who teach Spanish privately, but we offer technically adequate spaces and with all the necessary services so that our Spanish students take advantage of their time and money during their stay in Quito.
Our Spanish School has different programs that adapt easily to the particular needs of each of our students.
The facilities of our Spanish language school and teaching material that we deliver to the students are technically tested by the international universities with which we work.
We can guarantee that learning Spanish and Equinox Spanish School is a great experience, and our alumni always return and / or recommend us.
If you want to learn Spanish well, quickly and economically sign up for Equinox Spanish School, we are waiting for you.

We can guarantee that learning Spanish and Equinox Spanish School is a great experience and our alumni always come back and recommend us.
If you want to learn Spanish well, quickly and cheaply, REGISTER NOW at Equinox Spanish School, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU.



Our Spanish Explorer Program is especially designed for you to discover the beauty and diversity of Ecuador while studying and learning Spanish with certified professors.


You can explore the tropical coastal region, the exciting Amazon, the breathtaking Valley of Vilcabamba, or the exhilarating Ecuadorian Andes, all while improving your Spanish skills.


The Spanish Explorer Program is an intensive but fun course that will introduce you to the most amazing and exotic sites in Ecuador. The program runs for either 5 or 6 days depending on where you choose to study.


You will receive 8 hours of Spanish lessons everyday, 4 hours of grammar classes at the lodge and 4 hours of conversation lessons during the excursions that you embark on with your professor.












Hola! I can not believe it´s about time to leave Quito! I had no idea what to expect from this program or Quito in the beginning, but now looking back on my time here I can say that I have learned and experienced so much in four weeks! I am so lucky have met the people that I did, eaten different food, and lived like an Ecuadorian! Thanks to everyone who made this trip special!

Melissa E.

Before we selected Equinox Spanish School, we had done a lot of research. Choosing Equinox turned out to be great, mostly because of Indira´s constant help and support, whenever we needed it. Especially the first days. Indira was there for us and went way out of her way the first days we visited the school. Thereafter, all questions were answered and if she did not know she would find out for us. Where ever Indira goes in her life, I believe she will be a major asset.

Philip P.

Hola! I´ve had a great experience studying here at Equinox Spanish School. The teachers are fantastic and so friendly and I couldn´t have asked for a better/nicer staff. The homestay I stayed in was super friendly and accommodating (with 3 dogs), making my time here in Quito like a home away from home. Most importantly of all, my Spanish has improved greatly! Hasta luego!

Sarah M.

Chicos y Chicas! Coming to Ecuador was the best decision I´ve made. The Equinox School here is great. I enjoyed every excursion that was planned for the group. I was fascinated by the boat ride to the Isla de la Plata. I strongly recommend coming and enjoyed every aspect of Ecuador from meeting indigenous people to mestizos to other tourists. – University of Washington Program.




Our Vision

  • To be a leader in the field of education by offering high quality language and training programs at a competitive price.
  • To get it right the first time – Every time.
  • To consistently conform to Ecuador private education’s regulation of our school and exceed the expectations of our Students.

Our Mission Statement

  • Equinox Spanish School of Knowledge aims to set high standards in the education industry by constantly meeting our student’s expectations, by constantly reviewing our situation and by constantly upgrading ourselves so as to continually provide quality service to all our Students.

Contact Us

  • Address: Av.Eloy Alfaro N39-02 and Andrés Coremo

    Quito - Ecuador

    South America

    Phone: +(593-) 0996080903


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